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Winthrop Women's Coalition


The Winthrop Women's Coalition was created to bring together individuals who want to get more engaged and involved with the university. A group of strong, accomplished philanthropic women can do great things together.

The Winthrop Women's Coalition promotes philanthropy, transforms the lives of Winthrop students, while providing its members with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

A collaboration between Coalition members and the university; membership fosters mentoring and networking through education and professional development, social, and philanthropic efforts.

Join the Winthrop Women's Coalition and become part of something bigger.

Memberships in the Coalition increase annual gifts that directly support short-term strategic projects.

In addition, members enjoy:

  • Invitations to exclusive university and Presidential events
  • Opportunities for women to gather together, network, and connect with others of diverse ages, backgrounds, careers, and skills.
  • Increased personal and professional development through campus experiences.
  • Access to information about the university's needs and strategic plans.

Why Women?

Winthrop University has a history of producing strong, accomplished, successful women, who are engaged and committed to education, community, and philanthropy.


Membership offers a joint advancement experience for Winthrop and Coalition members through benefits to the individual and the university.

Annual gifts support strategic initiatives through the Winthrop Women's Coalition Fund.

Member: Annual gift of $2,400

Associate member (under 40): Annual gift of $1,200

Make a gift today.

Additional philanthropic efforts that further the university's academic and cultural mission can be designated.

Last Updated: 8/1/19