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Winthrop Women's Coalition

A Message from Laura Mahony

Welcome to our community of strong, accomplished, and philanthropic women. At Winthrop, we share a history of advancement for women. From its inception, this school has produced female graduates who are highly educated, well rounded, productive and enterprising. Each generation of Winthrop ladies has been reflective of their time period, but these women were also ahead of their time. It is only fitting that a group of engaged women be a part of this institution.Mahony, Laura

The Winthrop Women's Coalition was founded on the idea that women's strength is at its best when we work together and that a relationship with the institution is mutually beneficial: the institution fosters the individual to succeed and the individual helps to support the institution. In the WWC, one will find a connection to other women of diverse personal and professional backgrounds, and opportunities for personal and professional enrichment while helping to contribute to the university's mission and philanthropic needs.

I am forever grateful for those ladies who came before, on whose shoulders we stand. Their spirit remains here today; it is truly the soul of this group. Winthrop's pioneering history and the many strong women who came before us brought us here to the point we are at today. It is my hope that this group will help to further this legacy and that we will continue to grow in strength and dimension well into the future.

We welcome you to join us. We are so excited about what we can do.

Laura Mahony

First Lady of Winthrop University

Last Updated: 8/1/19