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Think College Program


About Us

Winthrop University's Think College Program (WTC) offers postsecondary education opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities. The program creates customized schedules for each student using a person-centered planning approach. The schedules include traditional courses, internships, and specialty courses to support student development of specific skill sets. The focus of the WTC is to build and strengthen skills in the areas of employment, self-determination, health and nutrition, social networking, and independent living.

Mission Statement

The mission of WTC  is to provide an inclusive postsecondary education experience to students with intellectual disabilities to prepare them for competitive employment and active participation in local communities with as much independence as possible.

Peer Mentor Support

Peer Mentors are an integral part of the WTC. Their contributions are beneficial to both WTC students and Winthrop University. WTC Peer Mentors work under the guidance of the coordinator/director to provide support in classroom and employment settings. They share their knowledge and interpersonal skills to enhance WTC's students' social and academic experience at Winthrop. Peer Mentors help promote self-advocacy and self-determination. They are empathetic, reliable, and enthusiastic partners in the education of WTC students. 

Scheduling A Tour

We recommend scheduling a tour through the Office of Admissions to schedule a campus tour. After it is scheduled, email to set up a time to meet and discuss the program after your tour. We look forward to meeting you!

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