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Re-Registering Your Student Organization


Annual Registration for the 2019-2020 academic year will begin August 19, 2019 and must be completed by September 15, 2019.

All organizations must re-register by September 15, annually to remain in good standing with the Office of Student Activities! If your organization falls out of good standing, it will be declared "Inactive" until you have completed the requirements.

There are three steps every organization must complete. 

Step One: Attend a mandatory training session.

All organizations must send at least one representative to attend a mandatory "Student Organizations Training Session" in order to register for the  Academic year. You must be present for the entire session; late arrivals will be turned away!

The dates of these sessions can be found HERE.

Step Two: Fill out the Annual Registration Form, which will be emailed to you.

Once a representative from your organization has attended a "Student Organizations Training Session," he or she will be emailed an online Annual Registration Form to fill out.Please note that you must attend the mandatory training session before you can receive the Annual Registration Form. Only the representative who attends the training session will be able to fill out the re-registration form.

Step Three: Turn in an a Faculty/Staff Advisor Agreement

Every student organization must have a Faculty/Staff Advisor and must sign a new form each academic year. You can download the form here. 


Once your organization has completed all the steps, you will be contacted by the Office of Student Activities about your registration status.

If you have questions about re-registering your organization, please contact the Office of Student Activities at 803/323-2248 or

Last Updated: 4/27/20