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Student Conduct

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The Dean of students office oversees the judicial system and is responsible for holding students and student groups accountable to the rules and regulations of Winthrop University as defined in the Student Conduct Code. All students should be familiar with the expectations as outlined in the student handbook and with the procedures for resolving alleged violations.

Judicial proceedings are viewed as an important part of the educational mission of Winthrop University, and they are not designed to be a court of law. The Dean or designee handling alleged infractions is committed to administering a fundamentally fair process and assisting students in learning from their involvement with the matter at hand and the educational system in place to resolve allegations of misbehavior.

A university is a community of learning that is characterized by shared respect and a concern for the common good while in the pursuit of intellectual, cultural, personal, and social growth. Good order is an indication that a community is achieving the goals it has set for itself. The rules and regulations provide the basis for this order with each individual and group member of the community supporting the well being of all. However, rules and regulations are useless without the values that provide the foundation. Winthrop students acknowledge these values by affirming the Dedication for Excellence.


Last Updated: 8/1/19