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Space Use

* Due to COVID-19, in all buidlings, for all attendees at all meetings and events: face coverings are required and social distancing measures are to be followed. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.  

VI. Facilities Maintenance and Safety

It is imperative that all space users assume the necessary responsibility to insure the safety and security of event attendees and the appropriate use of campus facilities.

A.  Maintenance

  • Damages occurring during an event should be reported within 24 hours of the event to Campus Police, Facilities Management, and the Space Use Manager.
  • Decorations that will cause excessive clean-up (glitter, rice, birdseed, etc.) can not be used inside campus buildings.
  • Furniture in McBryde Hall and the Tuttle Dining Room should not be moved from the facility for any reason.
  • Internal space users are responsible for cleaning up immediately after the event. Food scraps and other perishables are not to be left overnight or on weekends. If Custodial Services must clean up after any event, the organization or client will be billed for services.
  • Prior to an event, internal users should report facility or equipment damages to Campus Police, Facilities Management, or the Space Use Manager so as not to be held responsible.
  • Taping, gluing, nailing, tacking, or stapling items to the walls is not permitted in campus buildings.

B.  Safety

  • Burning candles are not permitted in campus buildings except in McBryde Hall, the Tuttle Dining Room, and the Shack.  Burning candles used in these spaces must be in hurricane globes or votive holders.
  • Fireworks, including sparklers, are not permitted in campus buildings.
  • Only heavy duty, grounded extension cords are permitted in campus buildings. All extension cords and equipment wiring must be covered to prevent trips and falls.  
  • Smoking is not permitted in campus buildings.
  • Space users must insure that all marked or unmarked exits are clearly accessible during events and not blocked by furniture or decorations.

Last Updated: 8/11/20