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The Courtyard at Winthrop

Courtyard at Winthrop

Housing upperclassmen and Honors freshman, the Courtyard at Winthrop offers two and four private bedroom deluxe suites for men and women within close proximity to the DiGiorgio Campus Center and West Center. Each deluxe suite includes a washer, dryer, common area and kitchen. The Courtyard at Winthrop is home to the Honors Center, has an outdoor open courtyard area for leisure activities and is open during university breaks.

 Residents of The Courtyard at Winthrop must purchase a meal plan. The Courtyard is also available for summer housing.


To apply to The Courtyard at Winthrop please go to Wingspan, Eaglesnest Housing, and click on the Online Courtyard Application button. To complete the appllication process remember to pay the $25 application fee in the Residence Life Office located in DiGiorgio 237.


If you have trouble accessing the template, please contact the Department of Residence Life at (803) 323-2223.


Courtyard Lease (PDF - 474 KB)

Residential Learning Coordinator: Amanda Marshall
Hall Office Number: (803) 323-1421


Room Layout

Courtyard Layout


*Disclaimer: These are average rooms. Your specific room may not meet these dimensions.

Last Updated: 9/1/20