Winthrop University: Records & Registration - Registration Procedures

Registration Procedures

Course registration at Winthrop is completely web based. To register you should have your DegreeWorks Planner or Advisement Worksheet filled out with the appropriate courses.

Wingspan Login

  • From the Wingspan homepage (, enter your username and password (same as Winthrop email account).
  • Click on the "Login" button.


  • For returning students check your registration time on the online Time Assignment Chart
  • Once you've logged in to Wingspan portal, click on the Student tab at the top of the page.
  • Click on Class Lookup.
  • Select the appropriate term and click Submit.
  • Choose the subject or subjects you wish to register for.  By holding down the Shift key, you can choose to search for more than one subject.
  • Click on Class Search.
  • Once you have found the course or courses you wish to register for, click on the box to the far left of the course and click Register.
  • To add classes which are co-requisites of each other (must be taken at the same time), use the add to worksheet feature before you submit changes.

Helpful Hints:

  • To search for a part-of-term course (first half of the semester, second half of the semester, etc.), select all course subjects then select the part-of-term you're looking for.  Click Class Search.
  • The quickest way to register is to search for all your courses at once, click on the box by each course you want, and click Register.
  • Clicking on the CRN (call number, or course reference number) gives more information on the class including pre-requisites, co-requisites and course restrictions.
  • If SR appears by the courses you have looked up, this means that you cannot register at this time. (It's not your time assignment, you have a registration hold, or your advising has not been confirmed.)

Review Your Schedule

  • Click on Return to Main Menu in the upper left portion of the page after you've registered.
  • Several versions of the student schedule will be listed:
  1. The Concise Student Schedule is a condensed version that has each course and its information on one line.
  2. The Detailed Schedule gives more information on multiple lines.
  3. The Week at a Glance version shows each separate week of classes.  For the fall semester, while the first week of classes in the fall will show Monday classes please note that only classes which meet at 5 PM or later will actually meet on this first Monday.  Clicking on the course gives more detail.

For additional information refer to Frequently Asked Questions.





Last Updated: 8/1/19