Winthrop University: Campus Police - Traffic and Parking - Vehicle Registration
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Campus Police
Good Building
526 Myrtle Drive
Rock Hill, SC 29733
803/323-2542 (Fax)

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Campus Police

Traffic and Parking

Vehicle Registration

Regular Registration

Regular vehicle registration is for one academic year beginning with the first day of registration for the fall semester and ending with the first day of fall registration the following year.

  • Motor vehicles parked on the campus or any property owned by Winthrop University by Faculty/Staff and Students must be registered with Campus Police.

  • All vehicles parked on the campus or any property owned by Winthrop University must bear either a Regular parking permit, a Temporary parking permit, or a Visitor parking permit.

  • Faculty/Staff may register two vehicles for $30.

  • Students may register two vehicles for $100.     

  • Parking permits are required for all faculty, staff, and student employees who work and park at the coliseum, sports fields, and lake areas.

  • Replacement parking permits are $5 each.

  • The registrant of a vehicle is responsible for parking violations issued to his or her vehicle.

Temporary Registration 

  • Temporary parking permits are available 24/7 from Campus Police.

  • Temporary parking permits will be valid for seven days and upon expiration this permit can be extended if necessary.

  • Faculty/Staff and Students who have a current permit and will not be able to utilize the vehicle to which their current permit is affixed will be issued a Temporary parking permitsThree Temporary parking permits in an academic year are permitted before a $10 a week fee is assessed.

  • Faculty/Staff and Students who do not have a current permit can be issued a Temporary parking permits. In this case, a $10 a week fee is assessed for each Temporary parking permits that is requested.

  • Faculty/Staff and Students will be issued a Temporary parking permit, which matches their Regular parking permit or the Regular parking permit they would be issued and which will allow them to park in the same area(s).

Visitor Registration

  • Current Faculty/Staff and Students are not considered visitors and must have a Regular parking permit or Temporary parking permits.

  • At no time can current Faculty/Staff and Students park in Visitor parking areas.

  • Visitor parking permits are available 24/7 from Campus Police.

  • Visitors remaining on campus overnight and individuals attending conferences and short courses must obtain Visitor parking permits at the conference registration area or with Campus Police.   

  • Visitors to Winthrop University that desire to park on university property must obtain a Visitor parking permit for a limited time from Campus Police.

Purple Heart Registration

  • Those individuals wishing to utilize the Purple Heart parking spaces, must have a regular permit and be driving a vehicle that displays a Purple Heart license plate issued from the DMV.

Last Updated: 8/21/20