Winthrop University: Campus Police - Traffic and Parking - F.A.Q.
Contact Information
Campus Police
Good Building
526 Myrtle Drive
Rock Hill, SC 29733
803/323-2542 (Fax)

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Campus Police

Traffic and Parking

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

How do I apply for a parking permit/hangtag?

Campus Police will alert the campus community that the 2019-20 permits are available. Students can then apply for a parking permit by registering online using a student Wingspan account or by registering at Campus Police, Good Building, 526 Myrtle Drive. Faculty and staff may apply online at the parking permits login page or by registering at Campus Police, Good Building, 526 Myrtle Drive.

How many vehicles may I register?

Students and faculty/staff may register up to two vehicles at a time.  The hangtag can be rotated between the vehicles; however, only one of the registered vehicles can be on campus utilizing the hangtag at a time.

What if I drive a motorcycle?

Motorcycles must be registered at Campus Police, but you will not receive a hangtag.

What should I do if I temporarily need to drive another car to campus?

Temporary vehicles still need to be registered in person at Campus Police, which is open 24 hours a day/seven days a week.  Upon registering the temporary vehicle, the vehicle will be issued a paper placard and allowed to park in assigned areas.

What is the cost of a parking permit?

Student permits are $100 for the full year, and faculty/staff permits are $30 for the full year. Additional details regarding permit cost can be found by logging on to the online parking permit request page. For students, when a vehicle is registered with Campus Police, the cost of the parking permit is automatically charged to your student university account.  For faculty/staff, when a vehicle is registered with Campus Police, the cost of the parking permit is immediately paid through Winthrop University Marketplace.

What should I do if I lose my hangtag?

You may come to Campus Police (Good Building) and purchase a replacement for a $5 charge. This charge is immediately paid through Winthrop University Marketplace for all replacements.

How much are the fines if I receive a citation?

A “Failure to Register Vehicle” citation is $110.  All other fines, not including State-issued Uniform Traffic Tickets, are $40 for each individual charge.

I wasn't driving my car at the time of the citation; why am I being fined?

The person to whom a permit is issued is responsible for parking violations cited to the vehicle for which the permit is issued, regardless of who was driving the vehicle at the time. 

Where do I pay citations?

Parking citations can be paid online through your Wingspan account or at the Cashiers Office (basement of Tillman Hall).  The Winthrop University Police Department does not collect any money for fines.

What if I don't agree with the citation?

An appeal must be filed within 10 business days in person at the Winthrop University Police Department. In accordance with Winthrop University policy, the fine must be paid before an appeal can be initiated.  Please allow 24 hours from the time of issuance of the citation to file an appeal. All appeals are decided on by the Parking Appeals Committee, which is made up of faculty/staff and students. 

Where do I pay the citation?

Yes. Appeals are made by paying the citation at the Cashiers Office located at 22 Tillman Hall and completing an appeals form and submitting the form to Campus Police. A time will be scheduled for you to appear before the parking committee.

Will I lose my parking privileges if I get too many tickets?

Winthrop University has the authority to revoke a parking permit if a vehicle accumulates a total of four or more citations in an academic year. Once revoked, that hangtag cannot be utilized to park on the campus of Winthrop University, and no vehicles registered to that hangtag can be parked on the campus of Winthrop University.  Once revoked, the registered vehicles will be added to the tow list.  All parking privileges will be revoked and your vehicle will remain on the tow list until either the next academic year or the driver completes the Second Chance Program, which is offered at the Winthrop University Police Department.

Do visitors need parking permits?

Yes. Everyone parking on campus needs to have a permit. Visitor permits are free and can be obtained at Campus Police. The Visitors can park in certain spaces on campus. Please refer to the parking map for the designated visitor spaces.

What do the different colored lines on the pavement mean?

These lines represent the different parking areas. Garnet represents Faculty/Staff (F/S), green represents visitors, white represents students, blue represents disabled, and yellow represents "no parking".

Can vehicles park in fire lanes, and no parking areas if they turn on their flashers or are off-loading?

No. Fire lanes are used for emergency vehicles in case of an emergency. Winthrop University facilities vehicles may use such areas on official business.

Can students park in Faculty/Staff spaces?

Some parking spaces allow student parking after a designated time and some spaces prohibit student parking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students may park only in Faculty/Staff spaces where signs with designated times are posted. Parking rules and regulations will guide you on which lots and spaces will allow student parking.

Last Updated: 8/21/20