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Mass Communication

Bachelor of Science in Integrated Marketing Communication

Students majoring in integrated marketing communication are interested in careers in the communication professions that support the marketing of products and services to consumers and business organizations, including advertising, public relations, integrated marketing communication, and corporate communication.

By the time of graduation, integrated marketing communication graduates are expected to be able to gather, organize and process information and data, conduct interviews, write in professional style to a professional level of competence, and produce marketing communication messages and materials in printed, electronic or multimedia form, all while meeting standards of professional ethics.

General Education


Semester Hours

ACAD 101 Principles of the Learning Academy


Shared Skills and Proficiencies
Writing and Critical Thinking    
WRIT 101 Composition


HMXP 102      Human Experience 3
CRTW 201 Critical Reading, Thinking & Writing


    Oral Communication Met in major with SPCH 201 0
    Technology Met in major with CSCI 101 & labs 0
    Intensive Writing Met in major with MCOM 471 0
    Constitution Requirement See approved list; may be met with other requirement 0-3
    Physical Activity See approved list 1
Thinking Critically Across Disciplines*    
Global Perspectives See approved list; could be met in major 


Historical Perspectives See approved list


Introducing Students to Broad Disciplinary Perspectives*


Social Science See approved list; must include 2 designators


Humanities and Arts See approved list; must include 2 designators


Quantitative Skills and Natural Science* (3 courses) 6-8
    Quantitative Skills See approved list; may be partially met in major (0-4)
Natural Science See approved list; [Must include a lab science.  If 2 courses taken,
must be in 2 different groups:  Life, Physical, Earth]


*No more than two courses in the major may count toward requirements in these areas   
Subtotal   29-40
Requirements in Major (C- or higher required in all IMCO, MCOM, MGMT & MKTG courses)


SPCH 201 Public Speaking 3
MATH 151 Applied College Algebra 3
IMC & Visual Arts (7)    
IMCO 105 Intro to Integrated Marketing Communication


IMCO 475 Senior Seminar Integrated Market Communication


Choose one course from:   3
    ARTS 305 Introduction to Photography  
    ARTS 311 Photo-Communication  
    VCOM 222 Visual Thinking/Symbol Communication  
    VCOM 258 Introduction to Typography  
    VCOM 259 Introduction to Graphic Design  
    VCOM 354 Basic Design Applications  
Mass Comm (26-28)    
MCOM 226 Multimedia Storytelling & Production 3
MCOM 241** Media Writing


MCOM 310 Mass Media Law


MCOM 341 Advertising Principles


MCOM 349 Advertising Copy and Layout


MCOM 370 Public Relations Principles


MCOM 461, 462, or 463 Mass Communication Internship


MCOM 471 Public Relations Writing,Production


MCOM 499 Senior Portfolio


One MCOM elective above 299


Business (24)  
CSCI 101, 101B, C & N Intro to Comp and Info Processing, labs 3
MKTG 380 Principles of Marketing


MKTG 381 Consumer Behavior


MKTG 385 Marketing Research


MGMT 321 Management and Leadership


QMTH 205 and QMTH 210  Business Statistics & Business Analytics 6
Choose one course from:  


ACCT 280 Intro to Financial Accounting  
MGMT 341+ Info Systems & Bus Analytics  
MKTG 387 Promotion Management & Digital Marketing  
MKTG 483 Sales and Relationship Mktg


MKTG 581 Global Marketing


Foreign Language Requirement  


General Electives  




^ Students completing the required program for the B.S. degree in Integrated Marketing Communication must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language at or above the second semester college level. This requirement may be met by a satisfactory score of a recognized examination or by passing any foreign language course numbered 102 or any course with 102 as a prerequisite. 

**MCOM 241 must be taken a Winthrop or at an ACEJMC accredited institution.

+ Requires additional pre-requisite of CSCI 101D.

The student must attain a cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 or better in courses taken at Winthrop and included in the required courses in the integrated marketing communication program.  

The integrated marketing communication major is limited to 36 hours of MCOM and IMCO courses and 30 hours of business administration courses (excluding CSCI, ECON, and QMTH as prescribed by major). Students who exceed these maxima will not be allowed to apply those additional hours toward the required degree program. An IMCO major cannot minor in business administration.

At least 35 semester hours of the 47 required hours in mass communication and business administration must be completed at Winthrop University. A maximum of 12 semester hours may be transferred into the major from other accredited institutions; additional transfer hours in journalism, mass communication, marketing and management will not apply toward the major and will not apply toward the degree if they exceed the maxima of 36 hours in MCOM and IMCO or 30 hours in business administration. Students must complete at least 72 hours outside of MCOM.

For additional degree requirements, please visit the Degree Requirements page.

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