Winthrop University: Emergency Information - ERP Level 1 - Localized Incident
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Register your cell or landline phone number today for emergency notification. This number will be used by the university for critical notifications in the event of emergencies, critical weather, or unplanned university closings. Registering for Winthrop's text and/or voice messaging is quick and easy - and it just might save your life.


Landline - 3333
Cell phone - 803/323-3333
Call box - Push button for
   Campus Police

   LINE: 803/323-2222


Emergency Response Plans

Level 1: Localized Incident

A level one incident is a minor, localized incident that occurs in a building or specific area of university property or affects a small portion of the university community and that can be quickly resolved with existing university resources or limited outside help. A level one incident has little or no impact on university operations except in the affected area.

Normally, a level one incident would not require activation of the Critical Incident Management Team (CIMT). The area affected should coordinate a response directly with the appropriate responders, such as Campus Police, Facilities Operations, environmental health and safety, and/or the Rock Hill Fire Department.

Examples of level one incidents include:

  • localized fire
  • localized chemical spill
  • plumbing failure in a building

Last Updated: 10/16/19