Winthrop University: Emergency Information
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WU AlertRegister your cell or landline phone number today for emergency notification. This number will be used by the university for critical notifications in the event of emergencies, critical weather, or unplanned university closings. Registering for Winthrop's text and/or voice messaging is quick and easy - and it just might save your life.


Landline - 3333
Cell phone - 803/323-3333
Call box - Push button for
   Campus Police

   LINE: 803/323-2222


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Emergency Information Status

Winthrop University is currently operating on a normal schedule. For information on our COVID-19 response, see the Return to Learn website or our Coronavirus Info site that was current March through July 2020.


General Information

Any member of the Winthrop community (students, faculty, and staff) should sign up for WU Alert to receive text and voicemail messages with incident notifications and/or the status of any closings or delays.

While communications staff members notify all of the major local and Charlotte area media outlets of this information as well, your best and most timely source of information is WU Alert. Information from WU Alert also is posted on Winthrop’s official social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter).

You may check your university e-mail or the university website for the most detailed information related to incidents and closings/delays. Should you not have access to e-mail, the web, or other information, call the Campus Alert Line at 803/323-2222. Please do NOT call Campus Police for closing information, as this will tie up phone lines that may be needed for an emergency.

Weekend Closings Due to Weather

If a weather incident requires cancelling classes or other events on a weekend, see the policy for that scenario.

Safety Above All

Members of the Winthrop community always should use their discretion in judging the safety of traveling to the university during periods of inclement weather. Check the Hazardous Weather/Emergency Leave Policy for details to help faculty and staff determine how inclement weather affects the work schedule.

Last Updated: 9/30/20