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  • Click on our website that provides high school seniors a clear idea of what they will find at Winthrop.  Go to Department of Fine Arts NOW.
  • To learn more about what is happening in our Charlotte art scene, go to the link HapppeningsCLT.
  • Check out this video that gives you an idea of what B.F.A. Specialization Portfolio Review is all about for our students at the end of their fourth or fifth semester.
  • We think you might achieve a clearer idea about how are students are truly engaged in real world activities by looking and listening to this Video Produced by Family Trust Federal Credit Union.
  • Fine arts faculty collaborate to produce new website for educators. To review newly launched site go to Winthrop Fine Arts Tech.
  • Support the Department of Fine Arts Fund that will help bring successful alumni, working artists, and distinguished scholars to the department to benefit student learning.


Welcome to the 21st Century where the visual arts are alive and well at Winthrop University.


Officially we are called a fine arts department, but students and faculty prefer the idea of an image and object-making space, a place to explore imagination from the past, present and future.

This is a program where students learn by doing.

A degree from the Department of Fine Arts can change the way you see, think, create and navigate life. Programs offered in this department help develop a student's passion for creativity and scholarship into a valuable set of skills that are becoming increasingly in demand in the 21st century workplace. Students are trained to become creative specialists, providing them with the ability and a lens to see, think, invent and problem solve in unique and creative ways. Consider what the Wall Street Journal has to say about a degree from a department like ours at Winthrop. 

The Department of Fine Arts Advisory Board is another place where you will find successful alumni who have also been willing to lend their knowledge, advice and expertise to the ongoing efforts of our program. These alumni and friends of the department have been invaluable in helping us address critical skills for the 21st Century.

We are a state supported school and though our fine arts program does not require portfolio review for undergraduate entry, Foundations Portfolio Review (ARTT 200) is required for entrance into the Fine Arts degree programs. In addition, several reviews are required to meet graduation requirements including the development of your own website and exhibition if you are in the B.F.A. program. We are one of the more rigorous programs in the region and the first year Foundations Program will challenge you for sure.

Intensive professional training is provided to ensure the development of highly motivated, self-disciplined graduates. Students can be assured their Winthrop degree meets the rigorous professional standards of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), of which the university is an institutional accredited member.

Our degree programs include a B.A. in Art Education; a B.A. in Art with a required minor; and a B.A. in Art History also with a minor. If you are proactive, the minor can also be geared to your career goals. And of course we offer the B.F.A. with concentrations in Ceramics, Jewelry/Metals, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, and Sculpture. Because the B.F.A. is driven by studio content, there is no room in this degree for a minor. The B.A. in Art and Art History degrees have an international language requirement and all fine arts degree programs require math. But don't let the rigor and hard work deter you, because that is what serious art and design students are about. Our Fine Arts Faculty are dedicated, engaged artists/teachers whose intention is to make a difference in your Winthrop experience. We are here to help you succeed in the department, but more importantly, after you graduate.

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See what is happening every day in the department by visiting our Departmental Blog.

I think you can achieve a clearer idea about how our students are truly engaged in real world activities by looking and listening to this Video Produced by Family Trust Federal Credit Union about a project for their new headquarters in Rock Hill. Working with credit union officers, architects, designers and engineers, fine arts students were commissioned to produce permanent art and design in anticipation of the financial institution's construction. And this is just part of our story.

If you would like to know more about our programs or if you would like to schedule a visit, you can contact the Department of Fine Arts at 803/323-2126 or email We would be pleased to set up a tour or discuss your options within the department.

You can also learn more about the admissions process or other opportunities to visit the campus by going to the Admissions website.

Once again, please look at the information about our specific degree offerings including the:

B.A. in Art Education
B.A. in Art
B.A. in Art History

Or the variety of concentrations in the B.F.A. degree including:

Photography (commercial and fine art)

For individuals who have already earned an undergraduate degree and are seeking a unique graduate experience, please look more closely at the M.F.A. in the Department of Fine Arts.

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