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Fine Arts

2019 Scholarship Competition (Spring Deadline)

About the Competition

The Department of Fine Arts is pleased to announce the 2019 Fine Arts Dean's Meritorious Award Competition. The Competition is open to all students attending Winthrop University for the first time (freshman and transfer students) during the 2019-2020 academic year. Students must declare a major within the Department of Fine Arts: Studio Art (including the disciplines of painting, jewelry/metals, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, photography, and video), Art Education, or Art History.
There are two ways to apply: a portfolio competition open to students planning to pursue degrees in Studio Art or Art Education and an essay competition for students planning to pursue degrees in Art History.

About the Scholarships

Scholarship award amounts will vary based on the decision of the scholarship committee. Students selected for the award have the opportunity to renew their scholarship for up to three years after the initial award year. Out-of-state students selected for this award are eligible to receive the award amount in addition to an out-of-state waiver (valued at $14,256 for the 2018-2019 academic year). Out-of-state waivers from all Winthrop University sources cannot exceed the out-of-state portion of tuition ($7,128 per semester for 2018-2019).

Applying to Winthrop University

Please note that this award is contingent on your admission to Winthrop University. If you have not yet applied to Winthrop University, you can access an online application at the Winthrop University Office of Admissions website. Acceptance of a Fine Arts scholarship does not impact your eligibility for other Winthrop academic scholarships offered by the Office of Admissions

Notification of Awards

Approximately two weeks after the deadline for digital portfolios, a notification will be sent to all participants in the scholarship competition, informing them of the results.



*Additional portfolios and essays will be considered after March 30, 2019 if funding is still available.

For questions about the essay contest, please contact Dr. Laura Dufresne, Professor of Fine Arts -
For questions about the portfolio competition, contact Karen Oremus, Chair of the Department of Fine Arts and Associate Professor of Fine Arts -

Please upload a sample of your written work that meets the following guidelines:
Heading that includes your name, email, home address, high school, and title of essay
Minimum 500 words
PDF or Microsoft Word file


Submit your work at:


Format: PowerPoint or Word Document saved as a PDF.
Size: Individual images no larger than 150 dpi.

Content Per Slide:
PowerPoint Slide or Page #1:
Your Name
Your email address
Your phone number
Your permanent mailing address.

PowerPoint Slide or Page #2:
Statement about your creative goals and interests in art making.

PowerPoint Slides or Pages #3 - #12:
10 images that illustrate your best work. On same slide or page include TITLE OF WORK, SIZE OF WORK (approximate size is ok), MEDIUM/MATERIALS, and YEAR.

PowerPoint Slides or Pages #13 & 14:
Slides that illustrate pages from your journal or sketchbook.

Portfolio Title:
Title your portfolio with your name. Example: Smith_John
- example portfolio

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