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Undergraduate Admission to Teacher Education Videos

All students must meet the admission information video requirement before applying to the Teacher Education Program. The College of Education has created a BlackBoard Organization to provide students with access to videos that provide an overview of the admission requirements. If you do not have access to the BlackBoard Organization, please email Student Academic Services and provide your Winthrop email address and full name to be granted access.

These videos replace the previous requirement that students attend an in-person information session. Note that you will indicate in the admission system that you have watched the videos before you can submit the application. If you have questions after watching the videos please contact Student Academic Services in Withers 144.

1. Login to BlackBoard.

2. C lick on "Teacher Education Admission Information" under My Organizations on the left.

3. Watch the three videos listed below. On this page you will also find additional information to help you in the Teacher Education admission process.

  • Part 1 Video: Overview
  • Part 2 Video: Requirements
  • Part 3 Video: South Carolina Code of Conduct


Last Updated: 8/1/19