Professional Attire
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Professional Attire

Think about it from the employer's perspective - if you were hiring an intern or professional employee, would you be more impressed with: a student in a business suit or a student dressed in jeans and a t-shirt? The basic rule is to dress one step more professionally than what you would wear on the job. Often, this means you will dress in business professional (a business suit) for career fairs, interviews, and other interactions with employers.



Business Professional

Masculine: conservative and tailored suit, tie in a muted color, polished shoes and well-groomed facial hair
Feminine: conservative and tailored suit (either with slacks or skirt), closed-toe shoes, subtle jewelry, make-up and accessories
All: suit should be a neutral color. Consider a professional briefcase or purse. Shine up shoes.


Business Casual

Masculine: slacks, collared shirt and/or tie
Feminine: slacks or skirt, collared shirt or professional dress
All: avoid jeans, shorts, tennis shoes, and open-toe shoes


Tips for Professional Dress

  • The basic rule is to dress one step above what you’d be wearing on the job
  • Be conservative; always better to be overdressed than underdressed
  • Allow time for tailoring if necessary
  • Think about your field and dress the part
  • If you are not sure what is appropriate dress for your field, it is ok to call Human Resources to ask


Last Updated: 4/7/21