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The Major


Sociology is the study of human social behavior, its causes and consequences. The subject matter ranges from the intimate family to mob behavior; from crime to religion; from the divisions based on race, sex and social class to the shared beliefs of an entire society and culture; from the sociology of work to the sociology of deviance. Few fields of study have such a broad scope and relevance to problems and issues of society today. The Bachelor of Arts program at Winthrop focuses on undergraduate study in social inequalities and social changes across time and place and within institutions such as the criminal justice system. We particularly excel in research-based courses. Multiple faculty have research specialties in Latin American cultures, immigration, sociology of aging, and deviant behavior.

Majors have the choice of a general sociology major which offers maximum flexibility for students wishing to transfer credits from another institution, including study abroad courses. General sociology (pdf-150KB) majors take 16 hours of core classes in the major (Principles, Career Development, Statistics, Theory, Methods, Senior Seminar) and then are able to choose from our wide variety of sociology electives for the remaining 18 hours. This is great for the student who loves ALL sociology!

Core classes include:

  • Principles of Sociology
  • Career Development for Sociology Majors
  • Social Research I: Statistics
  • Social Theory
  • Social Research II: Quantitative and/or Qualitative Methods
  • Senior Seminar in Sociololgy

For those who prefer to go more depth in a particular area, we offer three concentrated curricular tracks.



Last Updated: 1/27/20