Department of Psychology - Internships



Please find brief descriptions for previous internship placements below:

  • Children's Attention Home: Abused and / or neglected children up to age 17 are housed, schooled, and protected until they can be paced in foster homes.
  • Hospice Community Care: Intern works with a number of counselors and psychologists in individual, family, or group activities aimed at helping survivors and caretakers of terminally ill patients.
  • Sexual Assault Resource Center (Safe Passage): In-patient temporary housing and counseling (family, Group, and individual) for sexually abused individuals and their minor children.
  • York Catawba Mental Health, Adult Center: Intern works with counselors and social workers on various skills learning activities, including social interactions, communication, Activities of Daily Living. Patients in this site typically present with serious clinical and mental disorders.
  • York County Board of Disabilities: Work with youth and adults with mental retardation or other forms of disability under the supervision of a school psychologist or a related professional.
  • Carolina Pediatric Therapy: Work with children with various disabilities under the supervision of occupational and speech therapists;
  • Lancaster Mental Health, Adult: Intern works under supervision of a counselor with adult clients with severe mental disorders in skills training activities and projects; Intern may also do individual research projects.
  • Lancaster Mental Health, Child: Intern works with a school counselor supervisor in outpatient facility or in schools with troubled children, their family and their teachers.
  • Piedmont Medical Systems (Behavioral Medicine Ward): Interns works with psychologists, counselors, and nurses in a modern psychiatric ward with adult and adolescent psychiatric patients.
  • New Hope Carolina: Work with behaviorally, emotionally, and mentally troubled adolescents. Some of what an intern may be asked to do are conducting group therapy of different kinds, individual therapy, training students one on one, engage in research, and be a liaison in inter -institutional interactions.
  • Springs Recovery Place: Intern works with professional counselors to help outpatient and inpatient clients recover from alcohol and substance abuse and dependency. 

Last Updated: 8/1/19