Department of Mathematics at Winthrop - Message from the Chair


Message from the Chair

Polaskit, ThomasWelcome to the Department of Mathematics at Winthrop University. The mathematics faculty are ready to help all students develop their mathematical reasoning skills and improve their conceptual understanding of mathematics. For students wishing to explore mathematics at more complex levels, we offer opportunities to encounter varied mathematical topics. Our programs offer a common core of mathematics courses as well as elective courses that sample the many fields within the discipline. Mathematics majors and minors are able to engage in challenging explorations both through regular coursework and individual research. Because of our size, mathematics majors interact with faculty members from their freshman year onward.

Winthrop mathematics students work closely with faculty and develop relationships that lead to many different forms of collaboration and exploration. The Department of Mathematics offers opportunities for extended summer research opportunities in mathematics for students at all levels. The WISE program offers first and second year mathematics and science majors a summer introduction to research in mathematics, science, and education. Our Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree program offers students with multiple interests the room to minor in other disciplines while focusing on mathematics. Our Bachelor of Science (BS) degree program provides expanded explorations of mathematics as a discipline. Students wishing to teach mathematics in a high school setting can add a certification option to either the BA or BS degree, or pursue certification at the graduate level through the traditional Master of Arts in Teaching program or the fifth year Master of Arts in teaching track.

The Winthrop mathematics faculty has a diverse set of experiences and disciplinary interests that provide a rich environment in which motivated students can excel. A degree in mathematics requires hard work, problem solving, reasoning, and dedication, but these are exactly the reasons why so many employers prefer mathematics graduates as employees. Potential career paths for Winthrop mathematics graduates are varied.

If you are ready to work with a dynamic group of faculty and students, if you are motivated and interested in mathematics, and if you are ready for the challenge of mathematical study, then Winthrop University is a wonderful place to explore a degree in mathematics.

Dr. Thomas W. Polaski
Professor of Mathematics
Chair, Department of Mathematics
Winthrop University

Last Updated: 8/1/19