Q: Is Winthrop University still accepting applications?

A: Yes, absolutely. The Office of Admission is still actively reviewing applications for admission for summer and fall 2020. You can submit your application here.

Q: I am unable to take or retake the ACT or SAT due to cancellations. What would you suggest?

A: For the reminder of the Summer 2020, Fall 2020, and Spring 2021 admissions cycle, Winthrop University will offer test-optional admission. If you are unable to provide an ACT or SAT score, or if you were planning to retake the test to improve your current score but are no longer able to, you can provide a personal statement up to 350 words on the following topic: What have you learned about yourself during this COVID-19 pandemic and how will this support your ability to succeed at Winthrop?

Q: My school is closed, and I cannot obtain an official transcript. Will you accept an unofficial transcript?

A: Yes, we can accept unofficial copies of official transcripts, or an unofficial transcript sent to our admissions office. However, enrollment and federal and state financial aid eligibility are contingent upon receipt of an official transcript, so the final document will need to be submitted before classes begin.

Q: If I apply without test scores, can I be considered for institutional aid?

A: No, there are currently no institutional aid opportunities for students admitted without standardized test scores. However, you may still be eligible for a variety of local, state and federal funding programs.

Q: Will I still be allowed to visit campus? A: At this time, Winthrop is not allowing any visitors on our campus. Please join us for a Virtual Tour.

Q: Who can I talk to about this process?

A: The Office of Admissions is here and ready to help you. Here is how you can connect with our team:

Phone: 803-323-2191
Email: Admissions@winthrop.edu
Virtual Chat: Click here to register

Last Updated: 10/20/20